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H Branded Product

Introducing H Brand! These products have been selected by HBT & the Executive and developed with manufacturers to be sold at participating HBT Member stores. These products are available to all HBT members, but for obvious reasons, particularly lends support to H Hardware stores.

The house brand differentiates products from competition and often provides a margin advantage for the retailer.

Suppliers looking to develop a H branded product will have minimum requirements to meet, as our objective is that selected products will be trade or premium quality.

Our current range

  • Premium paint range
  • Premium garden hose
  • PVA cement adhesive
  • Wall wrap

Coming Soon

  • Premium woodcare range
  • Paint accessory pack
  • Gap filler
  • Multipurpose adhesive
  • Multipurpose silicone
  • Door furniture range


All members are independently owned and operated businesses. And whilst HBT has fostered a strong culture of support and co-operation between it’s members, we restrict our formal role to that of a buying group.

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