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H Branded Product

A new initiative In May 2016 we launched a new house brand called, H Brand.

The purpose of the brand is to differentiate selected products from competition and where possible provide a margin advantage for members.

This branded product is available to all HBT members, but for obvious reasons, particularly lends support to H Hardware stores.

Our objective is that selected products will be at least ‘entry’ level trade quality. The final extent of the program is unknown as it is still in development, in terms of product types.

The first product was a limited range of paint.

Under consideration are a range of wood care products and tape measures. Additional submissions are being sought. H branded product will generally be subject to specific MOQs but is still purchased in the ‘normal manner’ from the relevant supplier.


All members are independently owned and operated businesses. And whilst HBT has fostered a strong culture of support and co-operation between it’s members, we restrict our formal role to that of a buying group.

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