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Stephen Tekell

Owner R & M Timber Willaston South Australia

How long have you been here?
The business was started in 1987 and the opportunity for my wife and I to buy it happened fifteen years ago.

Who are your customers?
About 60% of our business is with the trade and the balance are DIYers. We do business all around Gawler, the Barossa and the Mid North of the State.

You joined HBT in Sept 2006 – why?
The main reason was to get exposure to some suppliers who otherwise were not particularly interested in small independent businesses. We got direct access to more products. The rebate cheques are great and no-one pressures you about how you do things.

What would you say to other stores?
The cost to join is minimal and will quickly be returned to you many times over. It’s also a great way of talking to other store owners and I’ve made a bunch of new and valuable friends.

Is it ok if people call you about the group?
The number is 08 8522 6504.

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