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Steve Gilbert

Owner Cost Less Bolts & Industrial Supplies Ringwood Victoria

How long has the business been going?
It started as a small bolt shop in 1989.

How long have you been here?
My first job out of school in 1996. I bought into it in 2009 having worked on the counter and then as warehouse manager and everything else. I just love it!

Who are your customers?
We’re 80% industrial trade spread across a fair bit of Melbourne.

You only recently joined HBT – why?
To be honest we saw it as the lesser of evils. We felt that in our previous group the catalogues were no longer really very effective and that we could better promote ourselves on a direct basis. But we knew we had to be part of a group to support the buying and get the rebates.

Is it OK if people call you?
The number is 03 9879 5233.

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