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Stuart Lord

Owner Whittlesea H Hardware Whittlesea Victoria

How long have the family had this business?
My grandfather Jack started a sawmill in 1948 and I commenced there in 1987. The timber yard was trading four years ago and we got into hardware in 2010.

You joined HBT in March 2010 – why?
After we got into selling hardware, two of the existing members who we knew well, strongly recommended that we give it a try.

How did it turn out for you?
We became aware of a whole new universe of alternative suppliers. The rebates we received easily paid for the membership and the buying was a huge improvement.

Why did you decide to adopt the H Hardware brand?
We had to improve our appearance to reflect the changes we’d made to the business and we needed to raise our community’s awareness that we were now credible hardware outlet. As a result store traffic and sales improved immediately.

Can people talk to you about this?
Our number is 03 9716 2226.

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