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Frequently Asked Questions

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No you don’t have to use HBT/ ITT Suppliers, we reckon the deals are good, we recommend them to you but you’ve got to make the decision.

Look we understand that and I guess as a general rule of thumb if you can come to 1 out of 2 that would be great. What we do know is that attendance at conferences definitely assists members, particularly in the first couple of years of membership, to get the maximum benefits out of the group. The National Conference now has over 130 suppliers and there’s a lot of benefit in talking to those guys and also to fellow members.

If you’ve already got a better deal use it, you don’t need to use our deal. Obviously we’d prefer if you talked to us about it because one of the things we’ve been able to achieve in the group over the years, is to get feedback from different stores & build on that information to secure better deals from everyone. But if you’ve got a special sweet hot deal, hang on to it, we don’t want you worse off.

Got to get this very clear, we don’t buy or sell anything at all at HBT/ITT - you open your account direct with suppliers, you order direct from them, you settle your account, sort out credits, sort out invoicing, you have a direct relationship and by the way the big plus of that, particularly if you’ve been in another group, is that you’ll find you get a lot more attention from our suppliers reps.


All members are independently owned and operated businesses. And whilst HBT has fostered a strong culture of support and co-operation between it’s members, we restrict our formal role to that of a buying group.

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