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H Hardware

Join a growing group of hardware retailers, Australia wide, that have taken advantage of the H Hardware “Brand in a Box” solution.

Finally, you are able to have the benefits of a strong brand without losing your independence.

  • Powerful identity and brand 
  • Flexible - adaptable to your circumstances 
  • Very low investment 
  • No stock commitments or controls 
  • No expensive marketing commitments 
  • Not a franchise system

This is a "Brand in a Box" for real hardware and building supplies retailers.

This brand has been developed with two key main features in mind:

  1. It must be highly visible - so that it works without a huge marketing campaign behind it; and
  2. It must say REAL hardware to anyone who sees it.

Members who adopt this brand report a significant increase in store recognition and retail sales in most instances. By January 2017 we expect to have in excess of 20 H Hardware branded stores nationwide.

This brand is available only to members of the HBT Buying Group.

For more information visit: www.hhardware.com.au


All members are independently owned and operated businesses. And whilst HBT has fostered a strong culture of support and co-operation between it’s members, we restrict our formal role to that of a buying group.

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