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Who are we?

Hardware & Building Traders (HBT) is a buying group created for independent Hardware and Building Supplies retailers. Industrial & Tool Traders (ITT) is a sub-group of members specialising in tools, fasteners and industrial equipment.

We commenced operation in January 1997 (formerly called Heavy Building Traders) with 13 member stores. Since then we have grown quickly and our members currently operate over 700 retail stores located throughout all the States and Territories of Australia.

We also have in place deals with over 400 National and local suppliers and the list continues to grow.

All members are independently owned and operated businesses and HBT fosters a strong culture of support and cooperation between its members. We encourage our members to share ideas and information to assist all of our members to grow.

What are we trying to do?

HBT operates with two main objectives.

For our members – Lower buying prices, higher margins and more sales.
For our suppliers – Build volume.

As a not unimportant side-benefit, our regular member meetings provide an excellent informal forum for the exchange of ideas and information between members. We know from experience that members who attend our National Conference each year get far more value from the group.

Our suppliers also enjoy these meetings as an opportunity to present new products and build personal relationships.

Who are our members?

We seek members with a strong retail operation and a strong trade customer base. We want to work with our members to assist them in being a dominant force in their immediate marketplace. Our members include DIY stores, hardware and building
suppliers, tool specialists, welding and fastener outlets as well as some plumbing, rural and paint retailers.

There is a strong regional component to our membership and this tends to reflect in a friendly informal approach to the way we work.

How are we set up?

HBT is an independent company owned by the people who set it up and run it for independents. Its sole purpose is to benefit the member stores by improving their bottom line. We aren’t a typical buying group. You don’t have to buy shares or take part in marketing programs that have no relevance to your store. There’s none of the bureaucracy or politics that is often found in other buying groups. Our Steering Committee is composed of store owners (members) who are responsible for approving membership and supplier matters. They hold a meeting or video conference regularly to administer the group.

We have offices in New South Wales and Victoria and employees in other states.

How do we work with suppliers?

Our Buying Team negotiates deals with suppliers. All supplier deals are located within the ‘Members Only’ section of the website, and in many cases the suppliers price list and credit application form is also included for your convenience. In addition, rebate information, deal terms and settlement discounts along with delivery arrangements and advertising support are all visible on the online member portal. Some suppliers may offer differential pricing to individual members based on market conditions but still under the umbrella of the agreed deal. Each member is responsible for ordering and making payment directly with each supplier. Suppliers provide a member rebate which depending on the category, may vary. These rebates are collected on a quarterly basis and distributed to each member along with a full reconciliation. In addition to a member rebate, suppliers pay a 1% admin rebate which HBT retains to cover administrative costs; this is why we have NO ongoing member fees whatsoever.

What about GST?

You pay GST on your membership fee and we’ll send you a tax invoice when we receive your application. All rebates paid by suppliers are the subject of a private ruling from the ATO. In effect you get a Tax Invoice relating to the administration rebate retained and an Adjustment Note for the member rebates and LTI’s.

Service Deals

In addition to ‘normal’ supplier deals, HBT has negotiated a number of service deals which enable members to save on a wide range of business costs (e.g. POS systems, stationary, electricity savings, insurance etc.)

How do you become a member?

Simply complete the application form and send it to us. Once approved by the our member services team, you will be sent a membership agreement to sign and an invoice for your one-off membership fee. This amount includes GST. You pay nothing further. There are no annual membership fees.